Just a few of my projects lately…

I consider myself fairly crafty and a DIY-er… Since having our house, I’ve done less than I thought I would.. Partly because this is the first time I’ve ever had hole free walls causing some commitment issues about where to hang things, and partly because I’m really bad about making myself do a project — I have to be feeling it.. I only have about 2 hours in the afternoon, or after Maddox goes down for the night, and honestly most of the time I don’t want to spend the only hours I have completely to myself, or with j, crafting.. So my DIY decor in this house has been a sloooow process.. The past couple weeks, though, I’ve done a few more things.. Thanks to milledgeville FINALLY getting a clue and opening a hobby lobby! Also, with Christmas and Hatcher’s arrival quickly approaching I’ve been on Etsy and Pinterest filling my head with all these projects that “I could totally make”… Here’s two of the projects I tackled this week.



Justin bought this stool at a yard sale for $1, probably a year and a half ago. After too many months in the garage housing spiders, I finally got around to painting it! I forgot to take a before pic, but it was a deep red color.. Maddox and I are both happy with the finished product :) my back was pretty happy too when I didn’t have to hold him the whole time I made dinner so he could see what I was doing!

The second small project I did on Sunday is this distressed mason jar.

And after:

My sister sent me a link to a few distressed mason jars on etsy and I thought they were so cool! I really wanted to add more color to the mantle so I gave it a try.. Love it :) And it was suuuper easy! This will not be the only one in my house… Guaranteed!


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