Meeting baby B.

My sister-in-law Kristin had her baby on Saturday October 26. Brookelyn Rose Nixon was born at 7:14pm, 8lbs 2oz, and 19inches long and she is so sweet! We had people at our house for dinner and couldn’t be there when she arrived, but I was dying to get to Augusta and meet my newest niece. We planned to drive over there Tuesday, but Monday morning Maddox woke up with a fever, nasty cough, and a really snotty nose so we had to wait. Thankfully he was better by Friday and we got to go visit with Kristin, Mrs. Christy {my mother in law}, Noah, and Brookelyn. Maddox can’t quite say Brookelyn yet, so he calls her baby B :) it was such a fun day and made me even more excited about Hatcher’s arrival…
Ever since I found out I was pregnant I have been super excited about Maddox meeting his sibling! My expectations are probably too high, honestly. I know Maddox will be jealous, and too rough, and too young to get it, but the relationships I have with my siblings are so special to me. I just can’t wait to see it from the beginning between Maddox and Hatcher… Good and bad :) Him meeting Brookelyn only made me more excited! Maddox was so sweet. We got him all set him up to hold her and he did so good. He gently played with her hair, and patted her belly {he had seen me patting her back earlier}. Seriously y’all, it was really sweet.




Now.. I’m going to bookmark this post so that in a few months when I’ve told Maddox for the 34,531 time to be gentle with Hatcher I can look back and see how excited I was… I wanted this :)


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