Hello, third trimester.. So glad to see you!

Actually, if I’m honest, I’d really just like to skip the 3rd trimester altogether.. Ya know, take a really long nap, wake up in January, Hatcher on my chest with that yummy newborn smell…. But, yeah, we don’t live in a dream world where we get decide what trimesters we want to skip… So I’ll be here for the whole thing :)
I’m definitely entering the uncomfortable stage.. Although, Hatcher and I still aren’t fighting for space too bad yet. The heart burn is probably the worst part about the whole thing. All in all though, this pregnancy has been pretty comparable to Maddox’s. Both Hatcher and I are a little bigger than Maddox and I were, but I’m not worried about it. Hatcher and my belly have consistently measured about a week ahead of my due date… I am not counting on an early delivery though! Really don’t want to set myself up for a miserable couple weeks at the end… Just hoping Hatcher takes after his brother {7lbs 2oz} rather than his mom {9lbs 2oz} or his dad {10 lbs 9oz!!!!}.
Ready or not, the 3rd trimester is upon us and we are that much closer to meeting our baby Hatcher :) So excited!
Here’s a quick look at weeks 5-28 :)




28 down, 12 to go.


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