Like I said before I’m not a huge fan of Halloween… All the scary, evil stuff just isn’t my thing.. The candy and cute costumes though is my thing.. I’m always up for free candy!
Maddox was a baseball player this year and he was to-die-for cute! Originally he was going to be a spider, but it didn’t work out… Probably 6 months ago my sister sent me the cutest little spider costume {she has twins that wore them, and didn’t need two anymore} so Maddox was going to be a spider.. I got the costume out and tried it on him to make sure it fit a couple weeks ago… He HATED it! He stood completely still, arms out, saying “off, off, off…” Until I took it off.. I really thought I could convince him to wear it though so we talked about it and looked at it a lot. I would show it to him and he would laugh and act like he liked it.. Then I would ask if he wanted to try and it on and it was an emphatic, “no” every time…. So the weekend before Halloween we came up with a baseball player… He already had a shirt that looked like a uniform and he wore a pair of sweat pants I just bought for Hatcher {3-6 months}. It ended up being adorable if you ask me!





We only trick-or-treated to 3 houses… It became apparent fairly quickly that Maddox wasn’t going to stop eating until the candy was gone, so instead of fighting that battle we just cut it off after 3 houses. We have friends in the neighborhood so each stop was nice and long :) It was a fun night and Maddox enjoyed all his suckers {“uckas”}.
Before I dressed him up I took pictures of him with our pumpkins.. He was super serious the whole time, but this one is just too cute not to share :)



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