“i ok”

If you’ve spent any time around Maddox you know that he falls a lot.. Like a lot. He’s really tough though.. He will fall hard and I sit there waiting on the scream and he just gets right up and keeps on playing! I rarely react now, assuming he’ll just hop up no problem! I’m probably judged by other moms at the park… :) Until recently, he wouldn’t even look to me for my reaction and just get up.. The past few days/weeks though he looks at me like, “hey mom, am I good??” I’ve started telling him he’s ok and getting him to throw his arms up and repeat “I’m ok!” Yesterday he said it on his own for the first time and I about died! Seriously the cutest thing. It comes out more like “I ok” and now there’s this weird part of me that kinda wants him to fall just so I can hear him say it…

Happy Halloween everyone! We’re going to take our first trick-or-treat outing around the neighborhood tonight with our little baseball player :) I’m not a huge Halloween fan, but Hatcher and I are pretty excited about raiding Maddox’s baseball bucket for candy tonight after he goes to sleep!



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