27 weeks and the pumpkin patch..

So we finally went to the pumpkin patch last night… Better late than never right? It was just me and Maddox.. Justin has a big game this weekend so he’s been at the school till late every night this week. Big time bummer but Maddox still had fun running around looking at all the “apples”. Kid can’t get it through his head that apples and pumpkins are different… He kept saying, “apple, bite” and then picking them up trying to bite them!!! Haha. We had everyone there laughing at his excited little voice running around yelling apples, apples! It was really cute. Next year we’ll go earlier, and hopefully daddy will be able to join us :)

20131030-091819.jpg Checking out the pumpkins that were left.

20131030-091832.jpg Me: Maddox sit right there and say, “pumpkin”..
Maddox: “Apple!”

20131030-091905.jpg This is his new face for all my pictures lately. He will be playing and laughing and then I get my phone/camera out and it’s like he’s about to fall asleep…..

20131030-110739.jpg“I want this one mommy”

In other news I’m 27 weeks today! Woo hoo! Can’t believe I’m already almost done with the 2nd trimester…. Crazy. This pregnancy has definitely felt faster than Maddox’s. Although when I think back to when I found out, it kinda seems like forever ago! Either way my due date was exactly 3 months from yesterday and according to my baby bump app we are 91 days out from meeting our little guy! Seriously cannot wait!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


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