Cherishing the moments..

We’re about three months out from Hatcher’s arrival now and I am super excited! I seriously cannot wait to meet this active boy inside me.. {and by active I mean cra-zy.. His flips and jumps make me laugh out loud sometimes.. He moves way more than Maddox did.. He is having a really good time in there :)} At the same time though, I want to cherish every single minute I have with just Maddox. Being a mom isn’t easy at all, but being a mom to just one kid has to be the easiest it’s gonna be right? I know a ton is going to change when Hatcher gets here and I’m ready and so excited about it, but I want to remember this sweet time we have left with one child..


We love you Maddox! The last almost two years with just you have been soo much fun! Thanks for being the best and teaching us about being parents! These next three months are going to fly by, but I hope we can cherish this time together! Can’t wait to see you be a big brother :)


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