Hatcher’s nursery inspiration..

We lived in Justin’s parents lake house when Maddox was born. It was a huge blessing… We were so close to the school and it made waiting for our house to sell a lot less stressful. All that being said though, it was really hard for me. When we did finally sell our house and decided to build this one, we packed all our stuff into a truck and it sat in there for a whole year! All my pretty new dishes, and other really fun stuff we had juuust gotten for our wedding! I didn’t have any of the things that had made our first home so homey… And as if that wasn’t hard enough we didn’t have a lot of space, and therefore couldn’t have a real “nursery” for Maddox. I was probably a little bit dramatic about not being able to set up a nursery for him, but I was pregnant… And that’s excuse enough :) BUT now we have this really awesome house and actually had to discuss which one of our extra rooms should be the nursery.. I’m so excited to get started on this room for Hatcher and have been on Pinterest and etsy looking around for inspiration… Here’s a quick look at some of my ideas..

My original changing table inspiration. // Pinterest

20131008-215342.jpg I really like this too though. Especially the wood sign! // Pinterest

20131008-215352.jpgHere’s the changing table I picked up in Atlanta this weekend! I was so pumped when my mom and I found this and can’t wait to get it painted and see how the finished product turns out! // Church Ladies Furniture Consignment, Duluth, Ga
Funny and adorable :) // Iviebaby Etsy shop.
20131008-215409.jpg Changing pad cover.. I want it in tan though. // Iviebaby Etsy shop.
20131008-215434.jpg I love those curtains, and the shelving… // Pinterest

20131008-215445.jpg Such a cute little pillow // Pinterest.

20131008-215519.jpg I made a few different “m’s” for Maddox’s room, but wrapping an “m” in yarn is reaaaally hard.. An “h” should be easier! // Pinterest

20131008-215540.jpg Bunting just makes everything cuter! // Pinterest

20131008-215547.jpg I’ve got to get some chicken wire! // Pinterest

20131008-215609.jpg love this lamp shade // Target .

20131008-215819.jpg with this base // Target.

Can’t wait to get started on baby Hatcher’s room :) I’ll keep you all posted on our progress!


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