Im baaaack..

So we stilllll don’t have Internet, but I’m gonna try and just do this thing from my phone.. I really miss blogging. It’s such a good way of documenting the little day to day things in life that I want so badly to remember, but are easy to forget! Here are a few big things that have happened over the last 7ish months since I last blogged..

1. We are officially settled into our house and are LOVING it! It really feels like home now which is such a great feeling!!!

2. Justin and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary back in April and I am so blessed and thankful to be married to him! Love you, babe!
3. In March we experienced the loss of our 2nd little baby at 11 weeks. It was one of the hardest things we have ever been through, but I can honestly say we learned from it… Can’t wait to see my little angel baby in heaven one day! I listened to and found encouragement from the the “Burning Lights” cd by Chris Tomlin during this time. Number 9, “Sovereign”, was probably my favorite!

4. Maddox’s personality, language, and mind have expanded and developed into the funniest coolest little guy I could imagine!! I am so thankful for him and love every day we get to spend together!! He has taught me so much.. This whole parenting thing is no joke!

5. In May we found out we were pregnant again!! Praise the Lord! Our baby boy, Hatcher Phillip is healthy and due to join our family January 29, 2014! We are so so excited.. He will be joined by lots and lots of cousins and friends! My sister in law Kristin is due with a girl, Brookelyn, at the end of October. My other sister in law Danae is due January 22 with a little boy Haddon! My sister Sarah is due the exact same day as me (yes, I know.. Insane!!) with a girl! Justin’s first cousin, Lindsey (who also happens to be our neighbor) is due with a boy February 3. And another neighbor friend of ours is due at the end of February! Not to mention one of Justin’s other cousins had a little girl in July and my sister Emily had a girl in August and like 3 or 4 other girls at church due between now and February! I wasn’t kidding when I said Hatcher would have a looot of cousins and friends!! I’ll be 23 weeks tomorrow :)



6. I just started keeping a little girl 2 days a week! Such an answer to prayer.. It’s a little bit of money, and yet I don’t have to leave Maddox! Also, it’s been good for him to see what it’s like having to share mommy and toys :) mayyybe it will make the transition from one to two kids easier on both of us!

7. We had a really fun summer filled with trips to see Gigi and Papa (my parents) and an exciting couple weeks at the beach with Kiki and Big Daddy (Justin’s parents)!! Maddox was a little scared of the water at first, but by the end of the two weeks he was loving it!! It was so fun to watch him discover the ocean and play in the “awa”!

8. We are 5 weeks into football season and the Trojans are doing really well with a 4-1 record! I’d be lying if I said I weren’t ready for Justin’s off season, but it really is fun to see him put hard work and dedication into something and it be so successful!

9. Maddox LOVES his daddy. He’s still a “mama’s boy” when he gets hurt or is scared, but the kid looks up to his daddy soo much. It’s so fun to watch him watch his daddy..not to mention it’s pretty dang attractive to see Justin be a dad!! Just sayin… :)

10. My little sisters boyfriend proposed to her this past weekend!! So excited for Hannah and Gordon and pumped for one more Nelson wedding :)

And that’s the last 7 months in a list of 10 things… Happy Tuesday everyone!


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