So i know its been like a hundred years since I posted, but we have had a LOT going on. We were in Costa, then we came home and moved all our stuff into our new house {!!!!!!!!!}, then we had Christmas. We left the day after Christmas on an RV for Josh’s wedding in Kansas, which was followed by a New Year’s/Christmas celebration in Atlanta with my side of the family…  All of that in 17 days.. It was exhausting, and awesome all at the same time. And then a week after we got home Maddox turned ONE.. Holy cow. I have some suuuuper cute pictures of him on my camera from the month of December and Janaury {how on earth is it already the last day of January?!?!?!}, but have yet to put pictures from all said events onto this computer… I will eventually get there :) hopefully! For now I just wanted to say hi, and that we’re alive, and that we are hopefully getting internet in our new house really soon so I can get back on the blogging train again… And I’ll  leave you with this….


His newest favorite face :) Happy day before Friday!


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