una fiesta para los niños.

We went to a fiesta for little kids today and it was really fun. There was a moon bounce, chocolate fountain duck, duck, goose {pato, pato, ganzo}, Simon says, and face painting.. There were tons of kids there too who all loved playing with “Mox”. People here have a hard time saying Maddox so we have been telling them his name is Max, but it sounds more like Mox when they call his name..
Overall today was a great day! We were a little tired because our night was a little rougher than the first night. Maddox has figured out we’re all in the same room and doesn’t want to be in his pack n play by himself… It was pretty sad, but he figured it out eventually. We’re headed to the beach tomorrow until Wednesday! I’m excited, but Maddox has hated the bath these past couple weeks so I’m not so sure how he’s going to like the ocean.. I guess well see :) we won’t have any Internet at the beach so it will be Wednesday before we do any more instagrams or blog posts.. Here are a few photos from today!







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