so i’m a week late on this post because my life is insane right now. we are leaving for Costa Rica the day after tomorrow {with maddox!}, packing up our house to move! as soon as possible, getting ready for Christmas, and then josh’s wedding on the 29th.. in kansas! my house kinda looks like a tornado blew through and brought with it a thousand travel sized items!!

anyways.. i have an 11 month old…. what?

maddox you are the best. i know every parent thinks that about their kid, but seriously you are the most delightful little person! i am so thankful for your giggles, your health, your curiosity, your face when you see Dexter {seriously y’all… THE cutest!}, your constant jabbering, your huge appetite, the way a ball is your favorite kind of toy, and how if you feel like it you can give the sweetest {and wettest} kisses :) Your daddy and I love you so much and have had the best time these past 11 months.

eleven eleven2 eleven3 eleven4i mean for real, guys?!? look at those curls……

love you mads :)


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