ten months!

Dear Maddox,

You are ten months old. Holy cow!! I love you so much and am having so much fun with you as you get older. Here are ten things about you right now.

1. you have been cracking yourself up lately and it is awesome. I will hear you when you wake up from naps just a laughing in your crib :)

2. you are officially attached to your lovie.. When you see it, you really want it.

3. same with your passie.

4. you are a really fast crawler…

5. the buttons on the tv are your favorite

6. or maybe its the cabinet under the sink.. which is the ONLY one with things i don’t want you getting into… all the other ones are free game, yet the one under the sink is the best.

7. you have 6 teeth

8. loud noises scare you a lot. if people laugh to loud, if the tv gets too loud, if were at a football game and everyone cheers.. you have really good hearing :)

9. you’re a really good sleeper. me and your dad both appreciate that a lot!

10. you make me and your daddy so happy :) thank you for being the sweetest baby!

Love you Maddox! Happy 10 months.



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