i answered the “so what do you do” question to a stranger for the first time this month, and had the weirdest, almost out of body experience. to say i am a stay at home mom with a 9 month old son, sounds so strange. like i’m describing someone else’s life. it’s a good strange, just strange. i’m the 4th of 5 children, so seeing my older siblings go to college, and then get married, and then have babies, i had in my head how “old & mature” i would feel when i hit those milestones….. and now i’m here and i’m just waiting for the “old & mature” feeling to kick in… i sometimes look around and think this can’t really be MY life…. but it is! and i am so beyond blessed :) i have a loving and forgiving Savior, the best husband, and the most precious 9 month old that i love more than i knew was possible!

{omg, a pumpkin!!!!}

{wait, what? you didn’t count to three?}

i really do love you so much mads. like so much.. i know i say it every month, but you really have changed a ton these last 30 days! you are crawling everywhere, exploring all kinds of things, pulling up on anything you can, and talking more and more every day. i thank Jesus for you always, and am so happy i get to be your mama. love you x a million my little pumpkin {pun intended}



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