Atlanta time.

A couple of weeks ago I got to spend a whole 4 days in Atlanta with my parents while Justin was away at football camp! It was such a great trip… I got to spend some time with my sister Emily and her kids, see some friends, and eat at really yummy restaurants we don’t have in these parts :) I can’t really describe how special it is to see my parents love on Maddox. I loved watching them be  grandparents before Justin and I had Mads, but now it is just that much more special! Thanks for letting us crash with you Gigi and Papa.. Maddox and I had the best time!

1- lunch with lauren and ashtyn :) 2-swinging for the 1st time! 3-watching Ella get her ears pierced for her birthday! 4-Hanging out at Aunt Emily’s house. 5- Frozen Yogurt! 6- first King of Pops experience!  Banana pudding did not disappoint! 7-Sunglasses for her bday! 8-new football passi.. 9- chillin in the swing 10- Farmer’s market! 11-getting her ears pierced! {Jack was more afraid than Ella.} 12- sitting in my old high chair. 13- found this old photo of me Emily, me and Sarah.. Do you see Maddox at all? 14- working hard to be up on all fours. 15- happy boy! 16- Happy birthday Ella!!!

Such a good trip… We were very happy to come home and see daddy though. Gosh we missed him so much :)

Happy Monday Y’all!


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