the wooden high chair.

This high chair has been in my head since i pinned it about 3 months ago…..
I come back to it every time I think about one for Maddox. When I finally found this exact one on eBay I was super excited…. So excited, in fact, that I made my offer before reading any fine print.. Upon reading the fine print I found out that it was a “pick up only” item in San Antonio, Texas. Dang it.
I was telling my mom this story when i was in Atlanta this past week, and she told me that her and my dad had the high chair they used for us as kids in the basement and that I was welcome to have it!! What?? AWESOME! I was so pumped :) It is so neat to me that me and my brother and sisters sat in the same high chair and now Maddox can use it…. Super cool! i love it so much and can’t wait to sand it down and get a new coat of paint on it! Total score! We tried it out in Atlanta and Maddox approved….
{you mean we get to take this home with us mom???}
{I LOVE it too!:)}
Thanks Gigi and Papa!
P.S. I’m working on finding the perfect paint color right now.. I’ll post photos of the finished product when It’s complete :)
Oh yeah and heres a photo i found of me on my first birthday in the high chair!!!!

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