father’s day

celebrating justin this past weekend was the best… mads is seriously lucky to have someone that loves him the way his daddy does. i can’t really put into words how special it is to see justin love on maddox.. it’s pretty awesome though..

I’m really bad about waiting to give someone a gift if im excited about it. i worked all day thursday on a slideshow for j, and was about to bust i was so excited to give it to him. friday morning i knew there was no way i could wait until sunday, so we went ahead and did his gifts friday :)

i hung bunting {thanks brunertown} and had his gifts and a very happy maddox all set up on the table to greet him when he got in from cutting the grass….

he opened the gifts and we went straight to the tv to watch the slidshow.

it was a really great first father’s day celebrating the best dad:)

i am excited to be able to see my dad this coming weekend too! i am so blessed to have him as my dad and papa to maddox! i love you dad and appreciate all that you have done for me! can’t wait to see you this weekend!

mads is pretty excited too!


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