i forgot one thing..

this morning at 2:43am when maddox rolled onto his back, and then yelled at me until i came in there to flip him back over, i thought about my ten things from yesterday…. i realized i forgot one thing that i hope i never forget.when he does the said rolling over/yelling bit, justin and i {usually} take turns going in there to flip him back over. last night was my turn. no matter what time it is, or who goes in there though, if you ask him, “what are you doing?” he will give you the biggest grin… knowing you’re going to be greeted with that sweetest smile makes dragging yourself out of bed in the wee hours of the morning a little easier :) love that little boy.

and that’s the eleventh item on my list of ten things i want to remember…….

happy wednesday y’all :)


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