ten things i want to remember about right now.

1. those big blue eyes and peach fuzz head..

2. being a family of 3. i definitely want more kids… there were 5 in my family, 3 in justin’s and i can see us having 3 or 4 of our own{Lord willing}… but i always want to remember what it was like to just have maddox.

3. sometimes when i put maddox down for the night he goes right to sleep, no problem. other times though he fights it. i always give him a few minutes to try and figure it out on his own, but if he just can’t, i go in there. I usually just pat his hiney, and give him his passy back until he settles back down. the door to his bedroom at the lake house creaks really bad. he’s learned that when he hears the door creak it means I’m coming.. as soon as i open the door he immediately stops crying and lifts his head to look for me. he doesn’t do it every time, but when he does it melts my heart :)

4. moments like this.

5. anticipation. for summer. for a home. for being a full time mom…

6. bath time. those chubby little legs kicking in the water is just the best.

7. putting maddox down and walking away knowing when i get back he will be right where i left him.. these days are fleeting!

8. that gummy grin.. gets me every time.

9. how hard it is to be a working mom… i have an awesome job. great hours. tons of holidays. yet working plus being a mom is really really hard. but sometimes the grass is greener on the other side… if in the future I ever have a pity party for myself about staying at home and how much “better” it’d be if i went back to work, i want to remember how hard it is…..

10. how much i love him.. seriously. he’s the best!


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