to my dear maddox baby.. my little man.

i am completely in love with you. you are so sweet. and cute! :) i truly enjoy every minute i get to spend with you and love everything about your little self.

you have mastered the rolling. your favorite is to do it around 3am and then tell me all about it until i get up and flip you back over :) your smiles are contagious and your laughter makes my heart feel like it’s going to explode with happiness. i love watching you explore your world. i love how every time i buckle you into your car seat you thank me with the biggest, cutest, gummiest smile. you do some pretty impressive scoots around your crib too… it’s fun to see where you end up in the mornings. four months looks really good on you. i love you my baby.

i have learned this month how quickly things can change, and how blessed i am to have a healthy baby… i’ve held you closer, kissed you more {if that’s even possible?}, and thanked jesus even more for you because of that… what a privilege it is to be your mom. i am so blessed.

thank you for being the coolest four month old around. i love you to the moon and back. and then some.



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