One of my worst, most awkward fears came true today….

I go into Justin’s office every day at the same times to pump. Every day. There is a room designated for anyone that needs to pump, but after the wind caught the door to that room and swung it wide open one day mid-pump I decided to use Justin’s office… To be safe… I can lock the door and no one has a key except for Justin. Safe, right?

So I thought. Until today…

I walked through the cafeteria to tell Justin I would be in his office, but he was into his conversation with another teacher and heard me, but didn’t really hear me. When a student {an 11th grade boy, mind you} asked Coach Mills for his computer charger, he didn’t think twice and gave him his keys to get it off his desk. Justin tries to mess me all the time, and pretend he’s a student to scare me {SO Justin, right?!}. So when I heard keys unlocking the door and an unfamiliar voice I honestly just thought it was Justin messing… I was shocked when I turned around and saw a student… We both turned a thousand different shades of red and he went back to class without the charger.

As if carrying my “stylish” tote around school wasn’t bad enough… Now I can’t look any of Mrs. Latimer’s 3rd period class in the eye..



One Reply to “awkward.”

  1. One day, many years from now, that 11th grade boy will have a wife and a baby and more than likely get to see a woman pumping again…..but until that day, this may go down in history as one of his all time most embarrassing moments! Thanks for sharing…..loved every awkward minute of reading this post,

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