exciting stuff.

I’ve got some really exciting news! After looking, looking and looking some more for a house and not finding what we want, where we want it, we made a decision. We are going to build a house!!!! Honestly, I can’t even believe it’s really going to happen :) but i couldn’t be happier!

When we told Maddox, he was pretty thrilled too :)

It is a bit overwhelming thinking about all of the decisions I have to make, but I’m also really excited about deciding exactly what my house will look like :)It’s hard for me to believe that our home will be right there!

I want to take this same photo when everything is finished!

We are so excited and feel so blessed to have this opportunity. Justin’s dad owns a construction company and is hoping to be able to help us out with some of the building!!

Look out for lots of “dream” posts coming soon :) Pinterest and HGTV here I come!

When we got home from looking at the lot, Maddox sat me down and went over his wish list…Then he worked on some rolling over.He’s almost got it!

Yesterday was a good day! So glad this little one is feeling better :)


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