We are fighting a pretty nasty stomach bug over here at millsavenue.  Justin had it really bad on Sunday and Monday and now Maddox has a little touch of it. I have avoided it thus far and am hoping I am in the clear {knock on wood}…

Poor baby Maddox. This third month of his life has been a rough one… An ear infection and a stomach bug all in the last two weeks.. and he doesn’t even go to daycare!? He’s been a champ through it all though! So thankful for his laid back, easy going personality.. You can see in his eyes that he doesn’t feel 100%, but he is still being so sweet and snuggly :) Love him. He’s had no trouble gaining weight through the sicknesses either…. He weighed in today at 14lbs 14.5oz.. He’s a chunk :)

I’m thinking {and hoping} we’re on the upswing and will have our healthy little {big!} baby back in no time! Until then you can find me with the Lysol can in hand :)



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