Easter Weekend.

Super late on all these Easter posts.. better late than never though, right?

We had a fabulous Easter weekend!

It started on Thursday… My parents were able to come down and go with me to one of Justin’s baseball games… The Trojans unfortunately lost the game, but it was so much fun to have my parents there with me :) Friday morning we went to breakfast at IHOP before mom and dad got on the road to Augusta!

{Maddox and his Papa at breakfast!}

Thank you so much for coming to visit us mom and dad! Maddox loves when he gets to share a room with his Gigi and Papa :) Come back soon, please!

Saturday we spent the day at Mama Bea’s. There is always yummy food, fun family time, and an egg hunt for the kids! Maddox got to meet a lot of people he hadn’t met before.. I had the best time showing him off :)

Maddox talking to daddy.. He has started talking so so much in the last few weeks.. He flares his nostrils like this every time and it is like the cutest thing ever!

Chillin with Kiki in his shades from Gigi! Love this photo!

This is during the egg hunt at Mama Bea’s..

Noah checking out all his goods!

Sunday morning we woke up really early and attempted making it to the sunrise Easter service.. It was a lofty goal to be fed, clean, and pretty for the 7am service, but we gave it a try. Sadly we pulled up as they were wrapping up the service. We made it for Sunday school and the Easter Cantata though and it was beautiful. Maddox and I spent our usual 30 minutes in the “Mother’s room”, but he was excited to get back in the sanctuary to hear the music.

Happy Easter  from Mr. Maddox!

After church we headed to Mama Rose’s for lunch and time with the Mills side of the family. We had an adult egg hunt where Justin and I walked away with $20… No thanks to me…

Or Maddox, obviously. Thanks, boo!

{Top row L-R: Victor, Matt, Lindsey, Cannon, Katelin, Danae, Josh, Me, Maddox, Justin. Bottom row L-R: Caleb, Cuyler, and Allen}.

Cousin shot in front of the azaleas that bloomed too early this year..

Family photo on Maddox’s first Easter.. 3 months 2 days old :)

It was a fabulous weekend celebrating Easter with family! I am so thankful for what the Easter season means and that we serve a risen Savior! I heard this song a few times this weekend and I just love it…

“Destined to die, poured out for all mankind

God’s only son perfect and spotless one

He never sinned, but suffered as if He did….

Savior, worthy of honor and glory,

Worthy of all our praise, You overcame

Jesus, awesome in power forever

Awesome and great is Your name,

You overcame”

So blessed! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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