Spring break!

Working for a school has some serious perks. Like Spring Break :) We got to go to the beach this year and it was so nice! I think the beach in Spring is my favorite… It’s warm enough to be on the beach, but with the breeze you are never too hot :) Perfect!

We were so excited to be able to take Maddox for the first time! He did SO good on the drive… I sat in the back with him while he was awake and we talked and smiled and took photos..

There was lots of family down at the beach with us… Including cousin Noah who absolutely adores Maddox, and wants to hold him all the time. It is so sweet to see him love on “baby max” as he calls him :)

For the most part M really didn’t mind being held by Noah.. Sometimes though, he just wasn’t feeling it….

{Noah is saying “Oh no”.}

It was seriously so great to get away! Justin and I had so much fun and Maddox really enjoyed having so many people love on him and make him laugh.As for the beach, he pretty much did this the whole time..The sound of the waves + the ocean breeze lulled him to sleep almost instantly…

It was such a good time.. Just much too short… I can’t wait to go back this summer when Maddox is a little bit older :)

We also got to bring Dexter for the first time and it was so much fun! He loves swimming so we knew he would be a big fan of the ocean! He had a blast chasing the birds and playing with J on the beach.. So glad we got to bring him!

And here’s just a few more photos from the trip..



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