One of the questions I am asked most frequently about Maddox is, “Is he a good baby?” My answer is always a quick “YES!” And I really mean it.. He has been an awesome, awesome baby. He eats well. Sleeps well {8-11 hours a night}. He’s laid back. And happy. So happy :) He can be a little too cool for school sometimes…{Case in point. Too cool.}

…but, in the last week or so he has really started being more generous with his smiles.. Please excuse the terrible quality of these photos. Taking a clear photo while trying to make him laugh in a bumpy car with your iphone or while holding camera in one hand and wobbly baby in the other can be quite a challenge… I do my best though.

And I probably watch this video at least 3 times a day while at work :)

My heart is filled with so much joy when I see this little person smile. That grin + his most kissable, pinch-able cheeks ever… I die! It has been so much fun interacting with him… I am loving getting to know him better and seeing his little personality come out.

I love love love you Maddox!


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