Glimpses of summer

The weather was so nice this past weekend and Maddox and I enjoyed every minute of it :) Justin had a game on Friday at his old school in Dublin, so we drove over there and watched! They won {yay!} and we got to see some old friends :) It was so much fun.. Made me miss our old house just a little bit though. It feels really weird going to Dublin and not going “home”.. Hopefully it won’t feel like that once we get us a house here….

Saturday we got up and Maddox got to have a morning at home with daddy while I ran a few errands. When I got back home we got ready to go to Macon for some shopping with Lindsey. M was looking so cute in his baby Under Armor so we tried to snap some photos before we left… Unfortunately it was a little too bright, we were a little too tired, and our model was not feeling especially photogenic at the time.. This is pretty much how he looked in every shot..

Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.. ya know?

Shopping, however, was quite a success! We got Mads some really cute stuff… So fun :) I am so thankful that he is easy going and will eat and sleep on the go! Big boy sitting up.. He loves his stroller :)

After church Sunday, we attempted some more photos.“Oh, hey mama..”

I feel like each weekend I get a little glimpse of what this summer will hold… Full days with my baby again {YESSS!}, hanging by the lake, big smiles from the little one, and not to mention all the cute summer baby clothes :) I picked this up from Old Navy for our spring break beach trip…..

Hurrrrrry up March 30!!!!!



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