New Normal

I’m trying to get used to a new normal over here. Stuff like..

Leaving my baby every morning… This will never be normal. Sucks {and i don’t usually say that word}.

Showering and getting dressed every day.. Funny how quickly it becomes normal not to do this daily.

Pictures and text message updates about how my Maddox’s day is going.

{got this one a few minutes ago :)}

Pumping.. Weird!

Reading all my blogs again.

Not talking baby talk and/or narrating what I’m doing…. I didn’t realize how often I did this…. “Mama’s gonna change your diaper and then eat some lunch.. Does that sound good baby?” I’ve had to stop myself from narrating my every move to everyone else in my office on more than one occasion :).

Washing bottles every night. Props to formula moms. Bottles are a hassle with a capital H.

I’m not a huge fan of this new normal, but summer is 3 only months away… Thank you Jesus :)




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