Workin for the weekends..

Disclaimer: I have an awesome job. Im thankful for my job… I love my job. I work with, and for wonderful people {my husband being one of them:)} and I can honestly say I enjoy my work… Go Trojans!

All that being said, I do not wanna go back!! {read in whiniest voice possible}… My maternity leave is up tomorrow and away from Maddox is the last place I want to be. The past 7 weeks have been incredible… I’ve had so much fun with my little Mads..

Tomorrow as Justin drags me to work kicking and screaming and I get up and both go to work it will break my heart… I am so so fortunate to have family close by… I know he will be well loved and taken care of, but not getting to be with my baby all day is gonna be killer…. Kill-er! Definitely working for the weekends..





I mean seriously.. I have to leave that cutie behind every day?? :(

I love you Mads! Don’t do anything cute until I get home at 3:30 :)


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