Dear Maddox,

I’ve known you for six weeks now… The fastest, most wonderful six weeks ever:) You have already changed so much. I feel like every day I learn something new about you and I love it.

I love being a mom… I love being your mom.

I love your chubby cheeks. I love your long fingers. I love your pterodactyl {who knew that word started with a p???} screech. I love when you smile at me. I love how loud you are when you eat. I love your curly hair after a bath. I love how you settle right when I pick you up… You know me :) I love when you poke your bottom lip out. I love how much you’ve taught me about God’s love. I love every single thing about you. Life with you is so wonderful. My heart is full. My heart is happy… The last six weeks has been the best. Now if you could just stop growing up so fast on me that would be great :)

{day one}

{day forty five}

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Love, Mom


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