Weekend fun..

We had a really busy, but fun weekend.. Weekends are the best because we get to be with Justin…. Maddox loves his daddy :) Baseball games are starting in a few weeks and daddy’s weekends won’t be as open, so we are trying to take advantage of his free time while we can!

Friday Justin made his baseball team go watch the GCSU baseball home opener…. We joined him and the team and Maddox enjoyed watching his first of many many baseball games! Unfortunately the Bobcats ended up getting beat, but it was fun and we got to see some college friends!

Saturday was Maddox’s cousin Noah’s second birthday! I cannot believe he is already TWO!!! He had his birthday party in Augusta, so we got up Saturday and headed to the party! Noah had a lot of friends there and it was so much fun to watch them all on the slides. The theme was Toy Story and Kristin had the cutest decorations! The party was definitely a success and we were so glad we got to be there to celebrate with Noah! Here are a few of the photos we took!

Happy Birthday Noah! We love you so much :)

After the party we got to take Maddox to meet his great grandparents {my moms parents} for the first time :) My grandma had surgery a couple of weeks ago and has been in a nursing home for her recovery. It has been kinda hard being there and not at home so I think meeting one of her great grandbabies lifted her spirits some. It was really good to see them :)

Maddox and I had so much fun being with daddy all weekend but we are pretty tired so were using this freeeezing cold Monday to recuperate.. Happy Monday!


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