Maddox’s story…

Hello blog world. It has been a whirlwind three weeks! Getting to know Maddox has been an absolute dream.. He is a fabulous baby and we love him ooh so much:)

Wanted to share the story of his birth and how we met our sweet baby boy.. It all started on Thursday, January 5….

6:15am- I rolled my biggest I’d ever been body out of bed and got ready for work. I was having very, very light cramping…. Didn’t even mention it to Justin. I was so convinced Maddox was going to be late and didn’t want to sound any alarms unless it was the real deal….

7:30am- I arrived at work and went to the restroom where I noticed some bleeding.. Cramping + bleeding was scary to this newbie… I was really scared. After a tearful conversation with my doctor {and my mom, sister, and Justin} we were on our way to the hospital to make sure everything was okay with both me and Maddox.

9:00am- We checked in at the hospital. Turned out I was having contractions, was 2-3 cm dilated and the bleeding was totally normal and of no concern to the doctor.. Whew! My contractions at that time still just felt like light cramping and everyone said I would be better off going back home/to work and coming back when things were more intense…. I had my 39 week appointment set for that afternoon so my doctor told me to go in for that and we could see if I had progressed any more.

10:15am- Left the hospital and had breakfast at Chick-fil-a with Justin :)

11:00am- We were both back at work. I was timing my contractions {still not strong at all} . They were about 8-12 minutes apart….

3:40pm- I was in the waiting room at the doctor’s office anxious to find out if I had progressed any more throughout the day. The contractions were getting more uncomfortable but still nothing to stop me in my tracks.. just cramps. There was definitely a rhythm though.. And I knew enough to know that was a good thing!

4:30pm- STILL waiting … My contractions were getting closer together, and stronger but thanks to my iPhone I was distracted enough to not really notice.

5:00pm- Finally got to see the doctor. She checked me and I was 3 cm, 70% effaced. The doctor told me that it could be that night, could be 24 hours, or 48… There was no way to know for sure but to be ready because he was definitely coming… Soon…. Whoa!

5:30pm- I had to stop at Kroger because we didn’t even have milk in the fridge… And what if people had to come stay at my house? I had to have milk and cereal right??? Walking through Kroger the contractions were getting worse. Still not horrible but definitely worse {this was the first time all day I had been up and walking around for more than 2 minutes}. Ouch.. I needed to get home and get my tight pants off and lay down. Then I would be feel better. Right? He was not coming yet. I wouldn’t let myself go there… I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

6:12pm- Home from Kroger, laying on my bed and contractions were the worst they had been all day…I started writing them down.

6:16pm- Contraction…

6:22pm- Another one already?

And that went on for a good hour and half… I ended up taking a bath because that’s what they always do on tv… It helped, but with every contraction I knew more and more that he was coming :)

8:13pm- “Justin.. We gotta go..” I had played this moment in my head a bunch of times and thought it was going to be this special almost romantic moment.. In reality I was in a lot more pain than I had anticipated in my head and the romance was out the window… I wanted to be at the hospital asap!

8:35pm- We got to the hospital and they asked me the book of questions they have to ask in order to admit me and get me into a room. Really hard to think whether any person in your family has ever had any cardiovascular disease when you feel like your insides are going to explode….. Just saying.

8:47pm – contraction

8:50pm – ouuuuch.

8:53pm “Justin I’m not having a contraction right now.. quick take a picture of me.” 

{fake smiles.}

10:30pm- 7cm and the epidural went in…. Ahhh.. Sweet relief.

{Much more comfortable and sooo ready to meet Maddox!}

10:30pm-3:00am- These 4 and a half hours are kind of a blur to me. I’m sure Justin and the other people at the hospital would disagree,  but it went by pretty fast for me.

3:15am- The nurse checked me and it was time to push. What a surreal moment.. We were sooo close to meeting our baby. So happy:)

3:56am- Justin: “Mags you’re doing so good. We’re really close. Let’s try to have him at exactly 4:00am.”
Me: Thanks… But I really don’t think he’s coming during the next contraction. I’ll try though”
Nurse: He will if you push again like you did during that last contraction…”
That was all I needed to hear and I was determined to get him out…

3:59am- I heard my sweet Maddox’s cry for the first time and it filled my heart with more joy than I can even begin describe..

It was the perfect end to a pretty much perfect pregnancy.. We really cannot thank God enough for the blessing that is Maddox!

Here are some of our first moments with our son!

I love you my precious baby boy… Thank you for filling my heart with more love and joy than I knew was possible.


6 Replies to “Maddox’s story…”

  1. Thanks everyone :) It was a wonderful day :)

    Josh– That’s hilarious! I seriously tried to remember what I had eaten for lunch and could not think of it for the life of me! ha. My b:) Maddox misses you!

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