Passion 2012 started yesterday. My sister Hannah is there. Ashtyn and Lauren are there too. Annnd I’m at work, wishing so badly I was there.

Passion is a conference with thousands and thousands of 20 somethings gathered to worship and grow in their relationships with Jesus. I had the opportunity to go in 2010 and it was amazing…

I learned so much and saw God move in huge ways! The leaders of Passion this year are Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Francis Chan, LaCrae, John Piper, Hillsong United, Beth Moore, Matt Redman, Kristian Stanfill, Charlie Hall, Christy Nockels, and Christine Caine. Quite the line-up if you ask me :) The conference used to be held at Phillips Arena but was moved this year to the Georgia Dome… It completely sold out. Unbelievable. 44,000+ young people worshiping together, in one humongous place. So cool.

Praying for those I know {and don’t} at the conference this year, and hopeful that God will “rock the place and wreck their hearts”.

I missed last nights session, but all the main sessions can be live streamed. Click here for the schedule and here {I think} to live stream :) Hoping to catch most of the sessions!


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