Happy times:)

Justin and I have really been enjoying our Christmas break so far… It has been so nice to not have to worry about work :) Heres a little of what we’ve been up to so far this Christmas season…

Eating cinnamon rolls every morning for breakfast {thank you Maddox}. I also inhaled ate a Big Mac on Wednesday… What?!


Going to Macon just the two of us to finish our Christmas shopping:)

Getting Dexter neutered. The whole thing kind of turned into a bigger deal than we thought.. He had a lot of swelling after the surgery and ended up having to stay over night with the vet… He’s back at home now though and doing well. And he doesn’t seem to hate us too much for taking his manhood either, so were thankful for that :) we may or may not have bribed him with some new Christmas toys..

We are no longer home owners.. Praise the Lord! We closed on Wednesday.. It is definitely a little bittersweet to know we will never go back there, but feels so good to have that DONE!!

Killing mice.. Mouse count is now up to 3.. And I’ve been the one to find 2 of the 3 {one was still alive}. Watching me open the pantry is probably pretty entertaining now.. I hate it!

Singing Christmas carols in the car:)

Doing a lot of crafts.. It looks like Hobby Lobby threw up in our living room right now.. :)

Dreaming about Maddox.. Cannot believe we’re only 3 weeks away.. Holy so so excited! Went to the doctor yesterday and got another great report. Maddox and I are both looking good… Thank you Jesus!

I hope everyone has Christmas plans with family and loved ones:) our festivities begin tonight with Mills Christmas, then it’s off to Atl for Nelson time.. Can’t waaaait!

Merry Christmas!!


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