We’ve had some company at the lake house.. Not the good kind that you want at your house around the holidays though..

Justin went to make himself a hot dog a few days ago and noticed that the buns weren’t as fresh as they should have been. He then realized that someone had taken a bite out of one of them? If you remember from this post, I’m not a huge hot dog fan, so he knew it wasn’t me… We knew it wasn’t Dexter either. If he had gotten a hold of them there would have been nothing but the bag left… We were kind of suspect about the culprit and upon further inspection found a hole in the bag and pellets around the pantry..

Rats. Or mice. Whatever they were. Not cool!

So last night we bought these and set them up with some pumpkin muffin/peanut butter bait..

It worked. Ew. Ew. Ew.

One little mouse got a little too brave. I’m confident there are more. Bug house is at the house as I type hopefully getting rid of all the rest.

Company, welcome. Always. Mouse company, not welcome. Ever.

Sorry if I completely grossed you out.. Happy Monday:)


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