This day, two years ago…

I woke up in a tent on this beach in Costa Rica, with not even a clue about what excitement the day would bring.

Justin had been living in Costa Rica for about 4 months. I knew he was “thinking and praying” about our relationship and what steps God was leading him to take next, but I had no clue what he was thinking at that point about us.. Sarah asked me before I left for Costa what I thought the chances were of Justin proposing. I told her there was a 3% chance.. In my mind though, even 3% was too high.. I really and truly thought there was no way he was going to ask me…no way.

We had a relaxing morning on the beach. Laid out. Swam a little bit. Rode a four wheeler around. It was so fun to just hang with Justin:) Around lunch time he very nonchalantly suggested we take a hike up this mountain to watch the sunset that evening…

{the one on the left}

I was so excited :) We packed a blanket , waters, pb and j’s and took off! When we got up there, we Justin cleared us a spot so that we had the perfect view..

Then we sat and talked, laughed and looked out over the ocean. It was beautiful and such a sweet time…

Then he got kinda quiet and asked me if I thought we would “make it” someday…? What? I didn’t know what the heck to think of this question… You have to know that Justin and I didn’t talk about marriage. Like not at all. We had one conversation at the beginning of our relationship about how if either of us ever thought we couldn’t marry the other we would end it. Other than that conversation, we never talked about marriage. Ever. It was hard at times, but really good for me… He cared about guarding my heart, and that was just one of the ways he showed it… Needless to say though, I was thrown off by his question. I told him I hoped that we did and all he said was, “yeah, me too”. That was it. And then it was silent again. {Justin was secretly filming all of this and you can practically hear the thoughts going through my head.. sometimes I’m not very good at hiding what I’m thinking :)}. After a minute or two of quiet, he asked if he could tell me something, and then proceeded to tell me he loved me for the first time! I was so so happy! I told him I loved him back, and relaxed because I could finally make sense of his random “are we gonna make it” question. I remember laying my head on his shoulder and thinking about how I was sure his first “I love you” would be followed by a proposal. But, I honestly just didn’t see it coming, and I was okay with that.. He loved me, and I loved him and that was enough….. I could wait.

Then… He asked if he could ask me something.. Sure. {Still didn’t think it was coming. For real.}. Before he said a word though he made a move to his knee and then I just knew. I freaked out. I remember saying, “nooo way” and then both of us just laughing. So much laughing. We were so happy. He pulled out the most beautiful ring and asked me to marry him. It was the best thing ever. I finally knew I was going to marry this wonderful man. I was absolutely beside myself and ran around like a little girl giggling, and looking at my finger every 2 seconds.

I was on a mountain in Costa Rica looking at this view..

with this sweaty boy… ok we were both pretty sweaty :)

and he wanted to marry me :)  :)  :)

best. thing. ever.

I am soo thankful for Justin and the husband he is. I can’t believe this was only 2 years ago and now we are 5 weeks away from being parents to our sweet Maddox. God is good.. So good :)

Love you J. Thanks for asking me to marry you and making me the happiest girl ever:)


4 Replies to “This day, two years ago…”

  1. Tearing up right now!!! I remember so many of us were waiting for that news…well none of us more than you…but it was such a special time that I am so thankful that I could be a little part of!! Love you two!!

  2. this is so sweet margie!! i remember falling off of the bed when we were skyping i was so excited!! i can’t believe that was 2 years ago. I’m so thankful for you and J!!! and the snow on your page makes me really happy.

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