Dear Maddox,

Hey baby :) Only a few more weeks until I get to hold you, look into your sweet little eyes, and kiss your chubby cheeks. I can’t wait to see you for the first time.. I love you so much already and know that will love will just multiply by millions when I see you on your birthday :)

Lovin’ all these milkshakes and ice cream you’ve been making me want every day… Thanks for such a yummy craving sweet boy!

I think it’s really fun that I can feel {and see} every move you make now… At the doctor’s office Tuesday we got another great report, and he confirmed that you’re definitely head down.. you, me and my ribs have known that for a while now though, right?

I found this plain white onsie the other night and painted your monogram on it… I think you have a pretty cool monogram. Same as mine :) Sorry its not really straight.. but I can’t wait for you to wear it.

Dexter is pumped for you to get here too. He has been really curious about all your things around the house.. He sniffs around a lot and jumps back every time something rattles or sings to him:) He’s ready to have a little brother {no one has told him that you’re gonna be the new favorite though… shhh!}

Just want you to know how loved you are and that the next 5 weeks cannot go fast enough.. for real:)


Mom, Dad, and Dexter.


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