Exciting things…

1. We are one day closer to meeting the babe! Eee :) 38 more!

2. We are closing on our house this Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Two more weeks of school and then a whole 2 and half weeks off for Christmas! Yesss.. Working at a school is the best! Justin, We decided against a Christmas tree this year {tear} since a. We’ll be out of town, and b. All of our decorations are packed away in boxes… We didn’t really get a tree last year either {I promise we aren’t scrooges}. We decorated. Had lots of lights and little cute Christmas-y things around the house.. But this was our tree. It cost a whopping $3 and was 18 inches tall..

By the way this photo was taken the day we got Dexter… How stinkin’ cute was he???

I upgraded {a little bit} this year. $6 dollars, 24 inches tall.. Getting there.

And that’s the extent of our decor this year… I couldn’t make myself spend money on anything when I have plenty of perfectly good decorations in boxes… Mark my words though. We WILL have a tree next year… a real one. That is bigger than all people in our house. Promise :)

Ok, now back to exciting things…

6. It’s snowing on my blog :)

7. I have been organizing and getting lots of items ready for Maddox this weekend {officially nesting over here!} There are cute baby things sprinkled all over the house and I LOVE it :) I love walking into a room and seeing his things ready for him to use… Soo fun :) He has lots of friends waiting on his arrival too.

8. I bought some baby detergent yesterday and am starting the laundry today… Somehow laundry is way more fun when you’re washing these..

instead of these..


9. Turning on the radio and hearing Christmas music :) Love it!

Things are pretty exciting in the Mills household these days! Hoping the next 5.5 weeks fly by!

Peace and love blog world.


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