Black Friday and Dexter

I’ve never really done the whole Black Friday shopping thing.. I’ve always kind of wanted to but just haven’t ever. If you had told me my first experience would be when I was almost 8 months pregnant, with Justin and 3 Costa Ricans, I doubt I would have believed you.. We did it though, and I may or may not have been waddling by the end of the day. We didn’t get too crazy and wake up before the sun or anything, but we were out of the house by 9am.. We shopped from 9 to about 7pm and then met up with some people to go bowling.. Between standing all day long and trying to understand Spanish, I was exhausted! It was fun though.. plus I got Maddox some really cute stuff from gap :)

Can’t wait to put his little piggies in those shoes :)

Dexter had a big Thanksgiving weekend too. No turkey for him, but lots and lots of playing with his dog cousins! He had a big time, but I think he was tired and ready to be home! I found him like this on Monday night {laying on his new Black Friday pillow.} Sometimes he thinks he’s a human….

And then he remembers he’s a dog and goes insane…

Thanks for the pillow mom and dad….

I would also like to wish my oldest sister Emily a happy birthday!!!!! She is amazing. She juggles her 5 kids flawlessly and I look up to her a whole lot as a mother… Get ready Em, come January don’t be surprised if you hear from me on an hourly basis :) We all 3 missed you over Thanksgiving and can’t wait to spend Christmas with you, Jason and your sweet kids! Love you so much. 32 looks good on you:)


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