Justin gets so annoyed with me in the mornings because I set 3 pre-alarms before the real one.. None are intended to get me up, but just a warning that 6:20 is coming and I only have a few more minutes to sleep.. I was sleeping so well this morning and was not happy when my first alarm went off informing me I only had 20 more minutes. or the second. or third.. soo sleepy!

Then I realized… it’s Friday!!!! I mean, not really but it’s like Friday… we get a FIVE day weekend!!! I was so happy I started singing, “Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday” {which probably just annoyed Justin even more because that’s the dumbest song ever :)} I just love short weeks and am so excited about Thanksgiving. We have so so so much to be thankful for this year {every year, really} and I’m excited to celebrate! I was super bummed to not kick off my Thanksgiving week with Bruner Thanksgiving this year.. It just didn’t feel right. We missed the burlap, candles, mason jars, flowers, best fried turkeys ever, and great people.. Next year Brunertown, next year… Mills, party of 3… Hopefully:)

Now, back to work for 5 more hours… Then.. 5 days of freedom :)

Happy Tuesday/Friday!

P.S. Went to the doctor yesterday and got another great report on Maddox and me. Everything’s looking and sounding great:) Another reason to be thankful.. I am one happy mama! 7.5 more weeks!!!!!


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