Is it Christmas??

It sure feels like it around here..

I have gotten, and made a bunch of things for Maddox this week that I am just giddy about! It kinda feels like Christmas morning :) I wonder what it’s going to feel like when HE is here to use all this stuff… I’m thinking Christmas morning times like a billion..

At the beach this summer Justin’s cousin’s wife told me she had a bumbo she wasn’t using anymore and asked if I wanted it.. I did, of course, and I got it along with these other goodies from her in the mail yesterday!! Sooo fun:) Thank you Lindsey!

I also found a pottery barn gift card in my wallet last week that I had forgotten all about… After PB kids told me I couldn’t add this item to my registry {lame} I figured I would just use my gift card:) Such a sweet little blanket head. Justin’s mom got us the stuffed animal that matches it too! Love it.

Guess what else arrived today?! I was so happy when the UPS truck pulled up… He probably thought I was crazy when I clapped as he walked through the door!

We had a good time putting it all together…

Now we just need baby:)

I actually painted this a few weeks ago but hadn’t shared. I really like birds and I like the way this came out:)

And lastly I finished this little project up tonight…

I bought these supplies..

cut the paper out in the shape of my “m” and painted it on with mod modge…

After a little orange paint on the sides and distressing I think it looks pretty cute:) I plan to have “m”s of all shapes and sizes around Maddox’s room.. Can’t wait to do some more!

All these things just make everything more and more real. only 8.5 more weeks! Holy so soooon!

Love you Maddox!


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