Movin’ on..

We began the moving process this weekend… Whew!

Justin’s dad has a 18 wheeler trailer that he is letting us use to store all of our stuff! So awesome since we’re not real sure when we’ll be unpacking it all… Thank you Mr. Phil!

Dexter was pretty upset about the whole thing… He loves our house. Look at those sad eyes….

After much convincing and promising him he would have a new big yard to play in, he finally let us start loading :)

I was kinda sad too, honestly. So many firsts, and fun memories in this house! Bittersweet…

We got so much done! More than I had expected actually.. There’s still some little stuff, but the only big things left are the washer, dryer, and our bed. I think one more good Saturday and we can get it all. Justin worked really hard.. So thankful for him :) I couldn’t help out a whole lot beyond packing boxes, but he recruited his dad and some high school boys to help him with all the big furniture which was awesome! The football season ended with a sad loss on Friday night, but the bright side is that Justin has his afternoons back until baseball starts… Yay! We’re going to really start looking at houses this week! Can’t wait :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Happy Monday :)


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