Love you Dexter!

I don’t think I do enough posting on here about Dexter.. So here is a post dedicated solely to the best dog ever :)

I wasn’t a huge dog person before we got our own dog. I liked them, but would never have considered myself to be a dog person… Now, I am just a Dexter dog person. I still feel pretty much the same about other people’s dogs.. I like them but don’t want them to slobber or be stinky on me…. Just being honest :)

Anyhow, Dexter and I spend a lot time just the two of us. Justin working until close to 7pm every night gives us a lot of time at the house by ourselves.. which results in him maybe getting a little spoiled… Just a little :) I may or may not know that he loves pancakes, grapes, mangoes, peaches, kraft singles, pumpkin bread, and a pile of dirty towels. When I have dirty towels ready to wash this is what he does.

I love how he realizes I’m watching him at the end. So funny. This is one of the videos I showed the twins last weekend and they both thought it was the funniest.. They would both laugh and jump up and down the whole time and then as soon as it would end they would say “Mo pees puppy”!

His reaction to a bone is also one of my favorite things. He gets so excited, but instead of devouring it right away he throws it around for a while.. It’s kinda hard to keep up with him while videoing, so sorry its not the best.. but you get the point…

Justin let him lay on this blanket {the nicest, softest, best blanket we own} when I was in Atlanta a few weekends ago and now Dexter thinks it’s his. I put it on the kitchen floor to wash last night and a few minutes later looked back and saw this….

So glad we added him to the family almost a whole year ago :) We love you Dex!


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