After school yesterday Ms. Linda {the high school secretary} called to tell me I was supposed to go to the faculty meeting.. I was so surprised to find that it was actually a surprise baby shower instead of a meeting… I had no idea :) A bunch of the teachers were there and they even called my mom and had her come! It was such a sweet surprise. We got a ton really cute stuff for Maddox… They also collected money and got enough to cover our stroller and car seat!!! So generous :)

What I saw when the door opened :)

Was so happy my mom could be there :) so much fun!

Still can’t really believe I’m having his baby! :)

Opening gifts :)

With our moms :)

I really do love the people that I get to work with! It was so nice of them to throw us this shower, and Justin and I appreciated everything everyone did for us! I can’t wait for this baby boy to get here and meet all these great people that already love him so much!


2 Replies to “surprise!!!!!”

  1. So fun!! Guess what? I think Derek is mailing the bumbo today!! Can you even believe it? Ughhh…I am SUCH a slacker. I brought it to him to mail. And he called Justin to get your address yesterday…even though I already had your address. He didn’t know that. :) You are super cute pregnant. Baby showers are so much fun! Happy for y’all. :)

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