10 things i love about you..

1. i love when you kick me.

2. i love dreaming about what you’re going to look like.

3. i love that we only have 65 {ish} more days until you will be here.

4. i love that you got the hiccups for the 2nd time ever today.

5. i love how big you’re getting.. keep it up.

6. i love how much heartburn you give me.. ok, thats not true at all, but i hope you have the head full of hair they say causes all this heartburn. that will make it worth it.

7. i love that you have a name ,and we can pray for you, and call you by your name.

8. i love talking to other people about you.

9. i love when i wake up in the middle of the night to pee and feel you playing.

10. and i love your dad.. you really scored in that department:)

i love you, my son. every single thing about you:)


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