Wonderful weekends..

I love the weekends. It’s just such a wonderful feeling to work a whole week and then have 2 days to do whatever you want.. We had a great weekend over here! It was nothing real special, but still really nice.. I did a lot of relaxing which was much needed:) I think this is probably one of our last chill weekends for a while because of the move… We haven’t packed one box.. yikes!

Friday I skipped out on the football game and me and Dexter worked on painting the changing table… I got him a raw hide and he was a happy camper! I painted and painted and he chewed and chewed… :)

I’ve still got some work to do but I really like the orange. Everything else in the room will be gray, white, a turquoise-y blue, brown and the changing table will be my pop of color! So excited.. Now I just need a room.. Getting there!

Saturday I got to go to Macon and watch the twins for Sarah! I enjoyed every second of time spent with these precious babies that I miss so much! They were both a little upset about mommy leaving, but once I pulled out my iphone and we got to see ourselves on the screen and watch videos of “Decter” we were all smiles.

Brooks would see Reese on the screen and say “Hey Piecey!” So sweet:)

We missed Uncle Justin {he was hunting} so we sent him a little video message saying hey…

So sweet! I love those little ones and was so happy to be able to keep them for Sarah and Stephen! Love you B’s and Piecey! Can’t wait to see you again.. and your baby brother!

Saturday night I went to the cabin to meet up with my hunter.. They were all pretty excited. Mr. Phil {Justin’s dad} had killed a buck with a drop tine. Apparently it’s really rare and Mr. Phil and the deer were like celebrities at the deer processing place… Everyone was crowded around taking pictures..

You can see on the deers left side one of his points is pointing down instead of up… That’s why he is called a drop tine. Mr. Phil was much more excited than he looks in this photo!

Mrs. Christy came and made one of Justin’s favorite dinners for his birthday too! Great food, and company, and dessert :)

Yummy! Happy birthday, again, J :) Love you.

Yesterday we had a relaxing Sunday afternoon. I napped on the couch while Justin watched NFL! There’s not much better than a Sunday afternoon nap! Love it… Dexter and I left the JMA coaches at the cabin to hunt together and watch film.. We went home and did more of this until daddy got home…

Now.. back to reality and the busy weekends ahead!!



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