It’s Lauren’s birthday!!

Lauren is the one of my favorite people on earth.. For real. I lived with her for one year in college and it was the best! We laughed all the time. Went to chick-fil-a pretty much daily. Watched a lot of One Tree Hill re-runs. Which led to skipping class so we could watch more {sorry mom and dad:)}. She taught me how to wear scarves :). We had real conversations. I just can’t even express how much I love her. She is real. She loves Jesus. She loves others well. And she is so so funny! I got to go on a mission trip with her and loved seeing her serve the kids in Costa Rica :) She was also able to be in our wedding last year which meant so much to both me and Justin. I got to see her this past weekend at my shower and it was just so great. Every time I hang with her I remember why I love her so much… So many fun memories with this girl….

my rehearsal dinner

costa rica

spring break

Lauren’s graduation

costa again…

and one of my all time fav pics.

Hope you have the best 24th birthday ever Lo! Justin and I love you soooo much :) Maddox told me he can’t wait to meet you.. He sends lots of birthday kicks:)

Feliz Cumpleanos Princesa!!!


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