It’s confirmed.. Last week really was the best! Maddox and I had so much fun in Atlanta all weekend :) We met Mae and Chaz, and got to see all his other cousins too! {on my side} It was such a good time.. We also had our first baby shower! So fun and so sweet…. As I opened each gift, the person that it was from told everyone else how they knew me and gave me some parenting advice.. I liked that. Some of the ladies there had changed my diapers when I was a baby.. So crazy! The overwhelming pieces of advice given were either ask your mom or read Emily’s blog.. :) I’m so blessed! I got so many cute clothes and fun stuff for when Maddox gets here! Not to mention the people that sacrificed their afternoon so they could be there for me.. I appreciated it so so much.. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I did a horrible job taking photos… The decorations were so cute! One of the hostesses had these m&m’s made in honor of our little MNM..

And Sarah made the cutest bunting ever! You will see photos of that in the future for sure! It was a fantastic first baby shower and I was overwhelmed by people’s generosity and love for Maddox and our family! Thank you all so much!

The only real bummer from this weekend was that some of the kids were sick, which meant no one wanted their not sick kids to get sick from sick cousins… It really stunk that everyone was in Atlanta yet we were never all together because of the sick.. {did I say the word “sick” enough?} I hate it when I feel like I don’t get enough time with everyone… It always feels like that to an extent but this trip was worse! I’m thankful for the time I did get with everyone though:)

We got to hang at the park and Chick-fil-a with my mom, Sarah, Brooks, Reese, Andy, Emily, Bradford, and Chaz on Monday. It was so much fun and I loved meeting Chaz for the first time. He is super chubby like I think Maddox will be:) It was fun imagining what it will be like to hold my own little chunk it 10 short weeks! No pics of that either {I have got to get better!!}. After naps and dinner, Andy and Emily came back over with their kids for some “trick-or-treating” {I think they only went to one house}. We had a bumble bee, a dinosaur, and and Elmo.. It was suuuper cute! The twins saying “Mo pees candy” has to be one of the most adorable things ever… and Bradford as Elmo was to die for! These blurry iphone are the only ones I took…

I can’t wait for Maddox to be a part of all this next year :)

To keep the good times rollin’, yesterday Maddox and I went to the doctor!! I really enjoy going to my appointments.. The whole office and nursing staff is super sweet and excited for me. I had to get my glucose test done yesterday and told them Justin was meeting me there so he could be with me when I got the blood drawn.. They told me if he didn’t make it in time they would come over to the lab and hold my hand:) I love feeling like people actually care about you as a person:) The doctor measured me and listened to Maddox’s heartbeat and said everything was looking great! I love hearing his little heart beat-It’s so sweet. Annnd he had the hiccups for the first time ever {that I’ve felt} and we could hear it on the doppler!!! I was so sad Justin missed it.. I’m not really sure why but I’ve been looking forward to feeling him hiccup the whole pregnancy.. I was so happy to be able to feel and hear them for the first time! Thanks for cooperating baby boy:)

I love it when all day you think it’s Tuesday and then you realize that its actually Wednesday.. That just happened to me! Yesss!

Happy Wednesday!



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