Best week ever?

Yes! Let me just tell you why…..

On Monday we sold our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was mine and Justin’s one and half year anniversary :) Love him!

On Tuesday we celebrated Justin’s birthday.. I wish I could say that we got all dressed up, had a really romantic dinner where we laughed the whole time and took really good pictures… BUT I can’t. It was actually a really low key night… I picked J up from football practice and we drove around for a while looking at houses {SO FUN}! Then we picked up dinner to eat at the house, watched a documentary about Rocky Balboa and I made his fav cupcakes for dessert:) Yeah,  look out… We are out of control these days!!

On Wednesday, Emily gave us the word that she was heading to the hospital! It was official.. We would be able to meet baby Dowling this weekend!! I predicted girl, Justin predicted boy….

Today, baby was born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a GIRL:)  She was born at 12:59am, 8lbs, 7 oz, 21 inches and Emily totally rocked it… She’s a pro! Her name is Mae Grace and I am beyond excited to meet and hold her this weekend!

Tomorrow I will be 29 weeks! Only 11 more until we meet Maddox.. So pumped.

On Saturday we will sign the contract for our house :) :)

On Sunday I have my first baby shower and my whole family will be together! So so so so so pumped!

and on Monday I took the day off of work so I could stay in Atlanta with the fam.. I could not be more excited! Plus it’s Halloween, which means cute kids in cute costumes and lots of candy! Maddox and I are excited about all the candy:)

yep… best. week. ever.


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