We did it!!!!!!!!!

We sold the house! We sold the house! Eeeeeeeee! Praise the Lord!!!

Snapped this photo at Justin’s parents house with our sign that is no longer in the yard :) :) :)

We are now in the throws of all the legal paperwork, signing contracts, inspections, appraisals, and everything else that goes along with this process! Couldn’t be happier:) Did I say praise the Lord?!

The man that came on Monday evening looked around for a few minutes and asked if he needed to make a deposit right then or what? Wait, what? For real? After Justin made sure he was in fact serious {ha!} we went from there and agreed on a price, how to split the closing cost and so forth.. We are signing the contract this weekend and have a tentative closing date of December 9! I feel like i got 100lbs lifted off of me… {yet I’m heavier than I’ve ever been:)} Such a relief!

I kept trying to stay as positive as possible, but honestly I was getting stressed about Maddox coming and us still having that house.. We still might have to move after he’s born, but it feels good to know we won’t have the house in Dublin to worry about…I feel like we can finally get a little more settled here:)

We are praying that everything goes smoothly from here on out and that there are no set-backs! Thank you all soo much for your prayers on Monday:) God is good! So thankful.


2 Replies to “We did it!!!!!!!!!”

  1. ohhhhhh myyyyyy goshhhh!!!!! i’m SOOOO happy!!!! how bout God is really good. does this mean you are going to start house hunting?!?!? oh AND how crazy is it that you are married, are withchild, have already bought and sold a house. you are so grown!! :) i <3 you.

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